Secure Online Shopping: Ways To Avoid Fraudulent Activities

The drastic growth of online shopping in Australia helped the economy during the lockdown. Online shopping is another form of entertainment that encouraged many business-minded individuals to dive into the world of digital marketing. However, with the swarming number of online shoppers, cyber criminals also took this opportunity to do some schemes and scams online. 

As e-commerce significantly increasing every day, online theft complaints are also increasing. Many people are having bad experience online that may eventually create a ripple and destroy the online shopping industry. Thus, it is vital to educate every online shopper the ways on how to safely shop online. 

Online Shopping Safety Guide

To avoid getting scammed, here are our shopping safety tips:

Only Shop With Credible Retailers

There are many online businesses that offer unique one of kind products at a very enticing deal. However, sometimes, it is but a part of their scheme to easily convince the person to make a purchase and input personal and financial details. Additionally, well-known online shopping platforms are mimicked and some shoppers may not notice the difference. The best thing to do is to bookmark all the credible sites that you want to shop with and avoid typing the retailer’s on the browser. Note that a simple mistake of misspelling the words can lead you to an illegitimate site. 

Research New Businesses Before Engaging

New businesses entering the market often have catchy taglines, alluring products, and competitive deals. However, if you haven’t purchased from that shop in the past, it is ideal to do your homework and check for signs of legitimacy, read reviews, and check the business’ address, contact info and other information that shoes their reputation. 

Watch Out For Amazing Offers

As was mentioned, businesses offering deals that are out of this world could be sketchy. Sometimes eye-candy offers are the ones that are backed with fraudulent motives. So, if the deal is quite too good to be true, then it is only right to assume that it probably is too good to be true. Thus, compare prices, do your research, and control yourself despite how bad you want it. 

Use a VPN When Shopping

If you often use public Wi-Fi when shopping, it is best to use a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt your tunnel between your device and the server. Typically, cyber criminals are out and lurk on public places where there is the presence of public Wi-Fi. If you are connected to the same WiFi, the hacker can easily intercept your personal information and using a VPN is the only way to safely shop using public Wi-Fi. 

Strong Password Means Strong Security

Never use your name, birthday, and other predictable passwords. The stronger your password is, the better security you will garner. 

How To Create A Strong Password:

Use a set of lowercase, uppercase, numbers, letters, and symbols to formulate a robust password. You can also use a long paraphrase that only you will be able to guess. 

Prevent using dictionary words and information that relates to your personal life. 

Avoid reusing passwords that you already used for another site. This will prevent cyber criminals to gain access to all your accounts. 

Check Website’s Security

There are several signs to assess whether or not the business is legitimate or a fraud. Typically, legit websites will flaunt their security certificates on their landing page to show off that they are authentic. Thus, the indications that the website is safe for online shopping are:

  • The lock icon is present at the upper left corner of the browser. 
  • The URL starts with “https:” instead of “http:”. These days even websites which does not sell anything online has one, for example:
  • The presence of SSL Certification on their site. 
  • The transparency of their contact information and location.
  • The transparency of their return policy is laid out.

At the end of the day, we are the ones responsible for our actions online. Arming yourself with adequate knowledge about how to shop safely online will promote a better shopping experience for everyone. Thus, educate yourself, your family, and your friends and help promote secure online shopping.